@Beyonce Offered Seat on X-Factor

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 Beyonce has been reportedly offered an 500 Million Dollar Contract by X-Factor Creator Simon Cowell.  There has been recent speculation that Mariah Carey was a top runner for one  of the seats on X-Factor but Simon didnt believe her celebrity was big enough : (.  I mean she does have #DemBabies she taking care of and her CD that she's working on where would she find the time.  Beyonce is already a halfway Billionaire on her own you combine her and Jayz Worth that both Pratically are already.  Now you factor in the 500 Million or how the contract breaks down 100 Million every year for 5 years thats the easiest pay check in history.  I tell you what you give me 500 and free bus pass and I am there Simon Cowell. My daddy said he would tell Simon to Jump in the Lake and Beyonce and JayZ got enough money to turn down Simon Cowell and his offer.