This is What Happends!-#Willow Smith

This is What Happeneds when....

You leave your child unsupervised around @NickiMinaj

WTF!! Is really going on in the Smith's HouseHold letting Willow run & peruse around with whatever the hell this is in her hair!! I would say she to young for this hairstyle but I cant think of any age, race, creed or religion of a person who should or would rock this Doo or in this case Dont. I cant tell if its glitter falling out of her hair to on or around her face in this pic or if she just got through dusting the last of the blow she did off her nose and face.

(Pictured Below W/Brother Jaden & Friends)
Her Brother Jaden is the only one amongst them who has fashion sense, he takes after his father.  Willow Smith Clearly takes after her Punk Rock, No Sense, Beautiful mother which is cool.  But if you gone let your child walk around looking like a fool the least you can do is be there when they do or in the background of the picture.  Somebody please get this baby a Nanny and a Stylist Stat!!!