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I was blessed with the chance to actually converse with what I'd like to call a "Golden Find", its rare for someone with so much talent to go un-noticed; So it was only right for me to speak up and say enough is enough.  Dubz The Unborn Millionaire is making his mark on this here world one way or another.  His music and his flow speaks for itself, its the pain & determination in his voice that carries him over the tempo.  His words have a way of grasping at you, and the concept meant from it arises from your mind as soon as you hear them.  All bars thrown nothing being held back just Dubz and a mic, told him he was on his Nasir Jones and that was all he needed.  Hailing from the Midwest his rhymes know no barrier he mixes a gumbo of dialect, posture and swagg in his pot and best believe he's got the seasoning. Check the Exclusive below..My Girl @Tyialilbody Did a #TagTeam on some questions she'd thought the ladies would enjoy..
Ms_Mobetta: I'm a flirt so the first thing I would ask you is, where did you get your swagg from? It shines through in your lyrics, flow and you style of dress in your photos.
Dubz: "Well I was always a big fan of eastcoast rap. The way they held the game down, handled the beat, dressed and all of that. The Diplomats were most def my biggest inspiration but i mean the way I dress is my own I cant say my swag came from the east but my eyes were definitely looking in that direction growing up.

Ms_Mobetta: Where are you from?
Dubz: Born and raised in Portland,Oregon

TyiaLilBody:"So whats your nationality and how old are you?"
Dubz:African american, 23.

Ms_Mobetta: How long have you been in the rap game?
Dubz:"I've only been at this rap shit for 9 months. I mean I've always been a spitta but actually going at it hard and pursing is shit as a career I've been doing it heavy for only 9 months. So I mean I'm really pleased on where I'm at and happy on what I've accomplished in this short period of time but there's so much more work to be done. I'm going all in with this shit." 
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 Ms_Mobetta:Outside of rap who were important or volatile inspirations in obtaining something greater?
Dubz:"Mos Defiantly my three children. My three lilttle boys, Jalen, Jarius, and La'Von Williams. That's my inspiration just to be able to give my kids a better life than I ever had. So it's a special thing having them, it pushes me so much. With them on my side I know I can never give up i'm way deep in this shit to pull back."

Tyialilbody: Are you single & if so what do you look for in a woman?
Dubz:"Single & I love all women..

Ms_Mobetta:Who inspired you within your community or home that you could reach for the stars?
 Dubz:"Of course my moms Anjanet Rakestraw she's always been there for me through thick and thin. I mean I come from a family of 8 including myself, and my mom tried her hardest to give us the best life should could. She did all she could all on her own I didn't have my pops growing up but who does now a days. One thing about moms is that she never tried taking from us, she always wanted us to have to the world. She always pushed me and supported me to follow my dreams."

Ms_Mobetta:Who do you think you could go toe to toe with if you had a choice or have you gone toe to toe with another rapper before? (If So who?)
Dubz:"I've never been toe to toe with another rapper. Hahaha and I really don't plan to. I really don't try paying attention to other people and what they do I just do me. I mean I feel like I can hang with the best of them. I mean I got so much to get out there, I got a story that I want heard. But I've been told I sound like Drake, Styles P, Camron, Jay-Z ect......... I take it as a compliment but at the same time I feel like I have my own style and voice but it is what it is."
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