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        Couple wet wipes case a bum try to touch me Eww!- @NickiMinaj #ShittedOnEm

I just want to start off saying before I start, I love you Fantasia Barrino one of your biggest fans I have all your albums except that last one & (Kinda skeptical about supporting your bum) our birthday falls on the same day June 30th whooop whoop! Cancers! Okay now wtf is going on, I know love is what makes the world go round but foolishness will brang yo ass down.. Okay so lets start with why we still sweating Antwone ,Antoine or whatever his name is.  He stay broke he couldnt even get you a discount worth having at sprint.. okay he wasn't there long enough to collect a 401K and if he said he was then you should know by the lack of income he had coming in after he quit or more then likely got fired that was a lieeeee! Im just saying. Its not even about the fact he broke, its the fact he broke and still married..Before I would of invested a dime into any kind of business for him to start I would of helped him pay for a divorce before any damn thang Im certain it would of been cheaper.  In his mind he might of convinced hisself  & you its cheaper to keep her, which is another liee he done told you, so now yo dumb ass done invested into a married man who's wife can stake claim in his business if anything where to happen to him, I'm guessing because THERE STILL MARRIED!! Hmmmm its hard wanting the best for someone you like as an artist, Idol or Rolemodel when they cant seem to want the best for themselves.  It makes you question the validity of there character and what type of person they made you believe they were.  All you did was re-hash the drama you went through in your teenage life minus the physical abuse and instead substituted it for the good old mental beat down by someone thats wasn't even worth your time to begin with.  Your worth so much more then that...Im just saying he's not even that fionne!! #FacedAss  Wheres Simon Cowell when ya need em? Im glad you kept this little man and I'm certain he's an added joy to the family. Check out the Deets Below SMDH!

According to RadarOnline:
Just one month after Fantasia had a baby with boyfriend Antwaun Cook, a pal close to the former American Idol winner exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that he’s been cheating on her — even before she was pregnant!
“Antwaun has been cheating on Fantasia all along, just like he cheated on his wife with Fantasia,” the source said. ”She was silly to think he’d remain faithful but it was wishful thinking.”
Not only has Antwaun cheated on Fantasia with other women, but he’s even gone crawling back to his estranged wife, Paula Cook, asking for another chance. ”He tries to get Paula to take him back all the time, but she wants nothing to do with him,” the source revealed. ”Fantasia knows that Antwaun cheats, but she just turns a blind eye hoping for some fairytale turnout.”
Antwaun is currently still married to his estranged wife, Paula — who claims Fantasia and Antwaun began an affair together while she and her husband were trying to patch up their marriage.
Last November, Fantasia testified during a separation hearing between Antwaun and Paula that she had previously been pregnant by him and had an abortion. ”She kept this one to keep him,” the source said