Super Bass Parody-Super Grace- @NIckiMinaj

Super Bass-The Christian Parody Super Grace

"Excuse me your a heck of a guy, I'm like my my my". Ok stop! Question first off how do you make a Christian Parody Version of Super Bass without first not knowing or listening to the song, which would then make you ask why go through making it Christian to begin with apparently you like the original enough to mock it.  I love God in all but altering something I enjoy is retarded if I've already partaken in it.  Cant rub a sin away just because you cleaned it up.  I'd enjoyed it more if they just said it was a Christian Parody and it'd actually been funny.  Have Jesus going around in baggy jeans and Nine Millimeter WaterGun going around shooting people with it and redeeming it everytime the chorus came on..Boom Boom Boom 3X Pow (Water shot straight to da head) Dat Super Grace!! Thats just for a example.  I'm not about to go through the shoulda coulda wouldas but now that they ruined the Parody name Super Grace anyone else who were to re-do it would have to come correct if attempted again because this was a hot mess!! Who dressed these people Satans little helper!! Im Through (Throughs down laptop)