@SlimThugga Interview

Slim Thug is probably trending on Twitter right now, considering the amount of recognition he’s receiving from artists like Drake, A$AP Rocky, and Kendrick Lamar. The Houston sound, chopped & screwed vocals, slow-tempo beats, drawled out rhymes, promethazine-codeine, is all back in style, as young cats browse their iTunes catalogues to recapture a vibe similar to when Still Tippin came out in 2004. Hell, we all have a Still Tippin moment. Personally, I was spending Spring Break in the Bahamas, schmoozing it up with other eligible bachelors and experimenting with the high life, chicks in bikinis, hehe...
Damn, that’s as much of a lie as calling Slim Thug an OG today. After all, the dude’s just turned 31, but is on the brink of releasing his 13th mixtape, entitled, Houston. At such a tender age, Slim admits to retaining his fair share of bad habits, from smoking dope to sipping lean (occasionally), leading me to believe us kids will still be hopping to and fro the wagon come 2020. Might as well drink up while it’s cold, young bruh.
I was just watching you on YouTube talking about your new book. Looks pretty interesting. When’s that coming out?
December 26th. I got a book and a mixtape coming out the same day, December 26th.
What’s the mixtape called?
The mixtape is called Houston, and I’ve been leaking songs from it. Traditionally everyone does a mixtape and they just put it out. They might drop a mixtape today and they put out three songs out over the internet, and then it’s over. I’m doing this mixtape, every Thursday I leak a song that’s going to be on the mixtape, so people have a week to deal with that one song. December 26th, I have extra songs people never heard before, also the ones that already leaked.
I just listened to Houston, with the NFL theme music.
The good thing about the mixtape is that it should be fresh. It’s the freshest music you can get. We usually go Wednesday night, do the record, Thursday morning mix it, then as soon as I get it I send it out. It’s a real fresh process.
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