SideTracked With Shyboogie-Denial Not Da Nile Hoe!

Denial Not Da Nile Hoe!
Alrite fam....I told u I was gonna dig into the world of denial. Alot of these females out here now-a-days dont believe in denial they think it's jus a river in Egypt. No bitch its what u fail to open your eyes & believe about your man/husband/BD/boyfriend. If he has NEVER been faithful to you & think for some odd reason that he's gonna settle down with you: YOU ARE IN DENIAL!!! If he never spends QT with you, always @his boy's house, never brings u with him...let's jus recognize he's either A.- AShamed of you B.-Got somebody else C.-Just using you. D.-Keeps you around straight outta convenience and you still stay around. If more than ONE person has told u "He's a dog", "You deserve better", "He doesnt treat you right", "He's a whore", "You need to leave his trifflin ass alone" & you believe that he love you and does NO wrong: YOU ARE IN DENIAL!!! If he has EVER raised his hand @ you, called you out your name, made you feel small, degraded you in any form or fashion & in the back of your mind he only said/did those things b/c he was mad or that u did somethings to piss him off that bad: YOU ARE IN DENIAL!!! You need to understand that a REAL man would never
do that & would never treat you wrong. Now we ALL can admit that we say hurtful shit when we're mad but if it's the same hurtful shit being said time after time it's b/c it's in the back of his/your mind. You really been wanting to say the shit but didn't have the nerves/balls to & the fight/argument seems like the perfect time to vent.  DENIAL--Is Treatable & Can Be Prevented!!! No woman nor man in some cases deserves to be treated like a doormat...used,abused & walked all over. You just got to open your eyes, allow people that are looking from the outside in, shed some light on your situation & ALWAYS trust your gut instinct as a woman b/c bay bay believe it's almost NEVER wrong!! MY WORD OF ADVICE FOR THE DAY: A man can only do to you what you ALLOW them to do!!! If you allow him to come & go as he pleases, that's just what his ass will do. If you don't trip about him coming home @5 in the morning, his ass gonna keep on doin it. If he fucks up/off on a continual basis & you're still fucking wit him, he's gonna continue to push the limits. Ladies you have the upperhand, cut his ass off!! Yes I know its easier said than done but you gotta start somewhere, sometime....
**If you felt I left any form of denial off,please comment so we can help all the hoes in need**

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