Show me Da Money-@Manniefresh

         Mannie Fresh Tells Cash Money: “Show Me The Money”

@MannieFresh is undeniably the most Talented "Music Producers" of all time!! (Throws mic down knocks over Taylor Swift & Walks away)..LLAB..Seriously growing up Down South if you didnt know who Manny Fresh was then you wasn't shiitttt! Thats real talk Manny not only produced a majority of the tracks in the beginning of Cash Money but was once known as the other half of the "Big Tymers" alongside Bryan "BirdMan" Williams.  Everyone likes to ask them self well why did they break up and no one wants to ever accept the real reason which is "BirdMan" wasn't trying to pay nobody! Which is retarded seeing as though if it wasn't for Manny not even BirdMan or Little Wayne would be where they are without his sound and musical vision.  As I'm typing this "We on Fire" by the HotBoys is playing through my head and every now & again it slips into "Cash Money is an Army";  No one can honestly listen to any of there early records without hearing @MannieFresh all through that thang. BirdMan I have nothing personal against him my self (In other words da nucca dont owe me Millions) but it upsets me to know he would put a great friendship on the back burner over a couple of Milli, I mean you hear about all the ridiculous stuff BirdMan blows money on ($800,000.00 Lambo's, Millions on Gambling, Houses & Trips) and then you wonder why he couldn't look out for his man "Mannie Fresh"  it baffles me.  In the article below Mannie Fresh goes into detail about possibly joining back up with the "Cash Money" Team.  Check the article below.

No one can deny that the Cash Money camp brings hits over the years, but there always seems to be someone looking for their money after the fact. Producer Mannie Fresh recently sat down with Billboard Magazine, who asked him the eternal question: has Cash Money paid you yet?
What’s your current status with Cash Money?
We still have money issues. We will always have them, as long as Cash Money is selling anything that has Mannie Fresh on it. ‘Til this day, I’m like, “Dude, what’s going on? Where are the statements for this?” There’s always some kind of complication, that’s all I can say.
There have long been rumors of a Cash Money reunion record, or tour. Do you see that happening anytime soon?
Everybody has to get paid. It would be something large if Cash Money did a tour with the first generation of artists, but with everything that’s happened, we need money upfront and on top of that we all need our own attorneys. You don’t get my money and pay me-I get my money directly.
On a more positive note, Mannie also talked about having the opportunity to work with Kanye and Dr. Dre:

In addition to contributing to Juvenile’s upcoming album, “Rejuvenation,” you’ve been working with Dr. Dre and Kanye West. What’s that been like?
Kanye inspires me through his work ethic and his approach. He’ll tell you his whole warm-up speech: “When we’re doing a song, we’re not doing a song just to be doing a song. We’re striving for a No. 1 song.” With Dr. Dre, he’s a perfectionist. A lot of people ask why “Detox” is taking so long. It’s because Dre is somebody that is trying to top what he’s done. Will he do it? I don’t know if he ever will, but I respect that he’s trying to do so. You have to wait for a masterpiece.
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