@Rihanna Caught BluntBlowing

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Rihanna's label went into damage control this past week following photos of the Bajan singer smoking a rolled up blunt showed up on da net.
Rihanna was caught smoking a hand rolled joint while vacationing in Hawaii on Sunday. Later that same day, she sent out a tweet to her 12 million followers on Twitter.com glorifying her alcohol and drug use:
“Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!”
  What is really going on? Who goes to rehab for Weed..Seriously leave Rihanna Alone..Everybody making such a big deal about it, but last I checked all her bills paid , her family aint wanting for nothing, didnt ask for you to go half on a sack and she sho aint asked nawll one of yawll for a dollar to support her habit, other then her request for you to buy her album which she would of asked for #PotHead or not.  I'm waiting for the day 30,000 Dollars hit my account and I can be as carefree as Rihanna hell..If anyone needs to be in Rehab right now I'd make a spot for Gaty Dourdan off CSI Las Vegas Pronto (Dat Negro stay out of control ).

 This isnt the first time the troubled singer has been caught taking a piff it was just this past Fall the Picture of her just abov was snapped of her in hometown of Barbados.