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A defense attorney in Detroit, desperate to leave his career behind, is begged by his sister to represent her boyfriend, the alleged leader of the city's most notorious gang, MVP.

Wood Harris, Obba Babatunde & N'Bushe Wright (Chick from ZebraHead) 3 of my most recognizable relatable "Black Actors" there characters never stray to far from who they truly are as far depth goes. In this movie even though they go through typical B*** S**** you've seen before and can call from jump as far where there going with it, but how it plays out is the basis of this movie it isnt all what it seems. It starts off kind of slow, but not so slow to where you dont want to watch it any more. Just enough to where you like, "Ok! Whats going on already"; It quickly picks up speed after the first bullets are fired and thats nothing but 10-12 min. into the movie so it gets you going, cause every one wants to know why somebody deserved to get shot & killed. I mean the reason is so close to home with what they touched on its not a wander no one really heard of this movie until 2011-2012, this was based on an actual "True Life Story". N'Bushe Wright who plays Nia (Wood Harris Sister) her character is touch and go as far as your base reality goes but her character is Loyal and loving and it almost makes you wishh...Awww I almost gave away to much.

But Wood Harris who's playing Nia's Brother Tony Smalls the Lawyer she retained for her Drug Dealing boyfriend, being played by a good looking brother Christian Mathis, who says he's innocent. So Wood Harris is reluctant at first to represent the man as his lawyer, because of his status of a Drug Pin; Little after little things started to piece together for him as to why he would believe he may be telling the truth after all..I dont want to ive away to much..More on Christian Mathis Below (Click Read More)

I did a little research on him he's filmed 5 films in the past year alone and is in production for another one called "I, Alex Cross" (Check out the plot on IMDB.Com) he actually started out rapping by the name of "Trick Trick" seemed like I heard it before.

OOoooh found more info. @TRICKTRICKGS (Click Read More @See Pic) Twitter name he's a rapper & producer from the Detroit,Michigan. But in this movie he was "Big Boy" uhmmm! Uhhmmm! uhmmmm! OMG #WhippedCream okkkkay..anyways. lets just say I smiled more then once in more then one place he was just a very convincing character...And just flourished so well in that role made you wonder if he really knows something of that life..Has he been there I dont know I want to know more about him..He's a great actor I have a new crush for Trick Trick Mr.Christian Mathis B*K*A my "Big Boy" Any who go rent Joy Road and enjoy yourself tonite...Especially for the ladies...