@PriscillaRenea -My Apple

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I love Priscilla Renae she's not to my ears I just had the urge to listen to her again its been about 2 years since this video premiered but she has such a timeless voice.  I just cant see how Taylor Swifts or the Keshas of the world can suck in such a wide audience and not that no ones heard of Priscilla they just haven't taken the time to appreciate her talent & believe me when I say she's got it baby.  Priscilla Renea was discovered off of YouTube.Com and has had me since. Check out some of her earlier videos by searching her name and I gurantee you wont be disappointed below I posted 2 of my favorite originals below.

                                                   Priscilla Renea-My Apple

Priscilla Renea-DollHouse

Priscilla Renea-Addicted Ryan Leslie Cover