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The Grammy Award winner singer Ne-Yo Parlayed & partied 3 nights in a row for the launch of his new record label Compound Island in Jamaica this past weekend. A three day celebration that included a screening of his new film Red Tails, a celebrity pool party at the Secrets Resort, and  special performances at the annual Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.
Celebrities in attendance included actor, Rockmond Dunbar; Keri Hilson, Shaggy, singer, Adrienne Bailon; CEO of Compound Entertainment, Tango; and Senior VP of Compound Island, Tishawn Gayle.
The launch of the new label follows Ne-Yo’s recent move to Motown/Universal, as not only an artist, but the Senior VP of A&R.  Just coming months after the announcement of his collaboration with Malibu Rum—Malibu Red—Look out for the release later this year.

L:R: Ne-Yo, Shaggy and Tango of Compound Ent.    
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Keri Hilson & Adrienne Bailon
Adrienne Bailon with her Diddy Bopn ass..Somebody please find something for her to do.. If its not EmilyB off of Love & HipHop accusing her of sleeping with Fab its somebody else doing it.. My question is who cares, I think they honestly all just sit in one room and brainstorm up to help keep each other relevant.  #Helping to keep each one of they irrelevant ass relevant one irrelevant ass at a time..It works apparently I'm doing it & I dont mind doing because its a vicious circle. Keeping you relevant helps my page stay so..So kudos on all the irrelvancy you provided for me Gracias..Ey she's spanish..

Rockmond Dunbar, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, Shaggy, Adrienne Bailon, Tango
There go my boo..Rockmond Dunbar #GiveMe some of dat #SoulFood #FacedAss..llab

There was literally no one else of equal un-importance there.  These are all the celebrity's that came out to support..I mean he did throw the launch during the award season.  Guess Ne-Yo done right by inviting every single last celebrity that wasn't in the run for one.. He made an excellent selection as far that goes all he needed now was Ashanti, Nelly and Willie Nelson..Wait I he's up for a Country Music Award he's away practicing his lines...#FacedAss..llab

I love Neyo he should of just flown me out..Where was is Baby Mama Monyetta,...Wait she just had another one of his chit'lins great reason to stay yo azz at home...llab he needed to get away to flirt anyways what better way to do it then Jamaica..Ha!