Nas offers to pay Ransom

Nas Offers To Pay Ransom For Concert Promoter In Angola

Its been a week since I heard of this unfortunate situation but Nas was scheduled and paid to do a a Concert and appearance in Angola for £315,000  (approxiamately $400,000 in American Dollars).
I know big money right they could of paid for a plane ticket and wired me $50,000 and I would of sworn I hit a lick..llab Anyways so Nas and another performer by the name of Jeremiah Jae missed there flight for the event that was scheduled for  New Years Eve.  The Promoter who goes by the name of  Patrick Allocco, and his son were kidnapped by a Impressario in Angola by the name of  Miguel whose money was used to secure the two performers; $400,000 I would be upset too shiiiit now in my sistuation and me being who I am (Broke) a nucca can get it for a hun-did (Hundred for no slang knowing mofo's in other words dey would got got).  Thankfully Miguel was forced to release Allocco after the US Embassy intervened on the concert promoter’s behalf. Nonetheless Allocco is holed up & stranded in a Hotel Room in Angola, How? I Dunno, but Nas is offereing to return the £315,000 faulting a  “miscommunication” of travel arrangements as the cause of the who sha-bang. SMH...tssk tssk

What really happened in my mind Nas & this Jeremiah Jae thought they could get away with ripping off some Angolians out of some major paper without there being any consequence & the gub'ment (Government) not having to know or hell even his now defunct Ex Singer-Wife Kelis and have some extra dough in his pocket; When this went down he couldnt keep that scrilla a secret, that would give Kelis more space to dig in them pockets she done already tookem to the cleaners with that divorce and the child suppoert she got for the next 17 years. Ha, Kelis made sure to put that cake in the over before she left. Now dont quote me on this, just makes sense in my mind.