@Ms_Mobetta West Coast Divaz Exclusive! #TBT

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                           Shamara Fane A.K.A Tha Don S'
              Michelle Howard A.K.A M$.Active

"The West Coast Divaz is The newest edition to the STREETS, bringing a new meaning and look to the word DIVA!"

I chose to write in red lettering because it describes the passion I felt from West Coast Divaz founder M$ Active Moving & just as active moving Co-Founder Tha Don S'.  Undeniably real from the moment I was blessed to cross there Twitter Paths & into the realm of Diva-Ness I explored.  I found myself on there Reverb Nation Web Page as countless others have ; Wandering just what exactly were my ears were about to encounter and ended up being optimistically surprised that I was enjoying a new flava in my ear.

  The first song I hit play on was "He be On That Thug Shit" and when I tell you I got up and bounced my ass off  & sung da hell out dat hook "He be on thug shit I be on that love shit no kissing & rubbing cuz he be on the block thick".  I dont want to be cliche and say its catchy because its far from that, its just real.  As a woman I can say i've been there before and been caught up on a thug with some good sex & a hectic Thugged out work schedule...Eyyy!! #FacedAss only problem to my story was he was always on the block but stayed broke! #ImStillLostAs2Why Nothing like a thug who stay on the block and keep dough.

So I finally gotten a chance to sit down and talk to M$.Active & Tha Don S' and check what they have to say after the jump click to read More)

How exactly did you two come together as the West Coast Divas?

Tha Don S': Well, M$.Active Moving actually started the group 4 years ago.  It started with her and 3 other females and they ended up falling off,so she hit me up (Tha Don' S was a solo artist until she met Ms.Active through her cousin)together and it went from there.

Where do you see yourself in the game?

M$.Active: "Just making a positive mark in it..I mean, I've always seen myself as being an entertainer. From staying involved in & doing talent shows growing up.  So I'm not afraid of the stage.
Who & What inspired you the most in keeping the West Coast Divas Movement going?

M$.Active:B*** S*** in the game all the big talent thats sleeping on us on the west coast, all the old school rappers it was  90's rap, the Champagne Era & the crosscolors . I also look up BossHogg (CEO of Suspectz Records) he put me in the game and he showed me the light.

Tha Don S': My dads inspires in everything & all that I go through.
So, I hear you all have been working on your current mixtape, tell us the name and when the people can be expecting it?
M$.Active: Yea, Its called the "The First Meal" and the first single we'll be dropping from that is called "Paper Paper".  We just shot the Whats Your Fashion video shoot, just this past week and you can catch that soon.
So who in the game now do you think you can go toe to toe with?
M$.Active: I give my props to everybody it honestly doesn't matter who it is im going at. So If they believe they can go toe to toe with the West Coast Divas I say step up to the plate.
Tha Don S': Anybody can get it! They can get it on a free style, verse song, battles, record sale we can do it!
Upon your success, what subject or purpose in life would you most likely give back to?
 M $.Active: I'd have to say helping out single mothers, abused women & hungry kids.
Tha Don S': Single Mothers & Fathers, especially Single Fathers because they dont have that many active areas to assist them as far as shelters for them and there kid(s).
You all are like family I can tell by the way you carry yourselves; Just talking to BossHogg I can tell he feels the same. So who else in the fam do we need to look out for?

M$.Active: Well we got our boy @2TALLTHEICON & LIL TRAY (Mr. Incredible). 2Tall The Icon has an album dropping soon and look out for Lil Tray's MusicVideo to his song Mr.Incredible

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