Mavs Go out they way for Kardashian Welcome @AAC (American Airlines Center)

(Khloe & Kim Kardashian Photo'd @Mavs Game)
  Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Mark Cuban went out of his way welcoming Kim Kardashian to the AAC in Dallas Wednesday during the Mavs Vs. Suns game, assuringly so I dont think there was one potential K-Dash hater in the mix.  If there were they were shamefully silent with the looming threat that one of them could have there block knocked off by one of the employees at any moment, they were instructed to remove mavs fans that attempted to express direct negativity toward the Reality TV Star; Im thinking to myself thats messed up, what if Im just upset because you made me wait in line for the bathroom you cleared out just so she could use it.. Lol I dunno I would never allow anyone to do me like that make me wait to piss for Kim Kardashian or anyone for that matter.  I would of pissed on myself and then sued Mark Cuban for Degradation and Public Humiliation.  Im just saying people get paid off that BullSpit all the time.. Why cant I be a Winner #FacedAss