@iamjamiefoxx Crazy??

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Hollywood Insiders are stating actor Jamie Foxx suffers from a psychiatric illness, because of the fact he often visits the UCLA Mental Health Hospital. Wanna Know why? Supposedly because Jamie Foxx suffers from PCP flashbacks. How? Check out what an Insider had to say...Below

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“Jamie is afraid of the dark when he gets PCP flashbacks. He sees demons.
The story Jamie tells is that someone spiked his glass of whiskey with PCP back in college and he’s still f*cked up.
Jamie publicly claims that his last PCP flashback was in the year of 2000. Jacky, Jamie is lying he still gets those PCP flashbacks.”
I can only imagine what goes through ones head in order for them to believe there are Demons in a room, but if you walk into the right Hollywood Industry type party I wouldnt be surprised if 1out of 10 people in there you saw were a demon..If being throwed off in the head from time to time makes you rich then I dont want to be right...You can be crazy as you want to be with as much money as Jamie Foxx has, hell he could skitz out in the middle of a performance and all would be forgive the next day because he's Jamie Mutha Fuk'n Foxx.  I aint trip'n his crazy ass can come through Dallas and point a Demon out in every corner of my apartment as long as he paying the bills hmmph!! Lol let me stop Im just saying if its true I gotchu Jamie...