@IamDEELISHIS of FOV Hubby a King Pin Arrested in Detroit

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@IamDEELISHIS of FOV a King Pin Arrested in Detroit
Gottt Da-Yummmm!
What the hell I was wondering where this chick was getting all this Guap from, I know she does shows and events like nobodys business but not $500K worth of shows to be storing that type of money at the crib. I love the Deelishis so I only pray for the best for her & the Family. They just had a beautiful little girl not to long ago and I would hate to imagine a life without her father despote what he did for a living so to speak. But were all innocent into proven guilty in the eyes of man anyways. I give her props as of 2 hrs ago on twitter she still holding it down she has a show tonite at the King Of Diamonds check her out, show some love and say a prayer....Catch the jump Below
According to one of MTO's TOP insiders, Dee's husband ORLANDO was picked up yesterday by the FBI and charged - along with 14 other men, with running the BIGGEST COCAINE AND MARJUANA drug ring inside Detroit.
According to our snitch, federal agents reportedly RAIDED Deelishis house and found $500K in cash inside. They picked up Orlando and charged him with NUMEROUS offenses, including TAX FRAUD and DRUG TRAFFICKING.
He is INNOCENT until proven guilty. But if found guilty, Orlando will spend the REST OF HIS LIFE in prison.

As of this morning, federal agents have NOT charged Deelishis with any crimes.
Sister to Sister is reporting that they spoke to Deelishis directly and she insists that the reports are untrue:
"No one has come here and done anything to us. We’re fine,” Deelishis said, noting that Orlando was in the house with her. Ain’t no $500,000 over at my house."