#FacedAss w/Tahj Mowry

(They say he is a #SmartGuy they never said he could sing #FacedAss)

(Below:Tahj Mowry Sings Adele-"Someone Like You")

Tahj Mowry aka Tia & Tamera Mowry brother he got a nice little voice on em, this song just isnt doing it for em.  I just got this laptop so maybe its just my speakers playing tricks on me take a listen and tell me what you think by taking the pole.  If I was the chick he was singing this to I probably would of left mid song to go fill out a Restraining Order something very disturbing about how he sung it. Maybe he should of learned the words first instead of oddly looking down and back up again as he raped this song. I did say rape thats how I felt he after he sung this. Not a great feeling.

  • Boy Stop!!
  • Keep Singing just not this song.
  • Never Pick up a mic again.
  • Seek out a vocal coach & try again
  • Throw this in a fire, sweep it up then bury it.