Dey Call Em "Big Meech" *B*M*F*-BLACK MAFIA FAMILY Upset Over Association of BMF Reality Show!

(Pictured above Big Meech BMF Founder)
The City of Atlanta was just buzzing with news of a B*M*F* Reality Show being filmed only to find out that it may be stopped in its tracks by none other then the B*M*F* themselves. Assuredly Tonesa Welch’s assertions of being B*M*F* “First Lady” is what brought the heat to this fire. Speaking out towards the idea Tammy Cowins, the CEO of BMF Entertainment on behalf of the Flenory Family & Miss Lucille who's "Big Meech" & "Terry's" mom outrage that there was ever a "1st Lady" of BMF other then her. Miss Lucille reveres the fact that either of her son's have been "Married" and only she alone can claim that title because she's the one who "Hails" the last name of "Flenory" and no other woman can produce a Valid Marriage License other then hers to Charles Pop Flenory (Co-Conspirator in BMF & Father of Big Meech & Terry) Oddly enough Kim Kardashians Ex-Husband Grammy Nominated Music Producer Damon Thomas being so heavily associated with BMF one could consider her as one of the First Ladies, you honestly didnt know who she was until she divorced Damon & then boned Ray J only to find out he's not as gay as ya thought he was and she can handle more the 7 inches.  Anyways the only upcoming project BMF & the Flenory Family are endorsing is the movie there in the process of producing with Morgans Creek Entertainment, based off there story "Untitled".

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