Congrats!! Beyonce Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl-Blue Ivy Carter

(Beyonce & Tina Knowles)

The world & the web is all the buzz with the announcement that Beyonce and Rapper/Husband Jay-Z have brought there sweet little bundle of joy into the world. E! News is reporting that the baby girl's name is Blue Ivy Carter (supposedly that is what Jay is telling his friends). Earlier that night, it was reported that the baby's name was Ivy Blue Carter. Beyonce gave birth on Saturday, January 7th during a scheduled C-Section at Lennox Hill Hospital.  Earlier tonight, The New York Daily News reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z had rented out an entire floor at New York's Lennox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side; I wish I had that kind of loot hell going to Parkland or Methodist here you'd be lucky if you get a room or a private corner too sit in without someone bumbing your i.v. with they elbows ,so I can only imagine a whole floor.  This baby is worth more then I am in 1 day of just being born, give me a few months and I plan on giving Jay & B a run for they money, Maybe I can pump out they next creole made child from heaven and be blessed enough to take Jays camel seed and Beyonce's blessed eggs into my va-jay-jay (Vagina) and live a life a luxury only Trailer Park Surrogates think of.  Hey im just basing this sideways rant off of the majority of what everyone's theory is which is Beyonce didn't carry this baby. Me personally I dont give a damn really but as I digress..,CONGRATS!! Goes out to the Carters..

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