Bond Denied 4 @OfficialVito

Bond Denied For Young Vito in Slim Dunkin Murder
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I still cant get over the fact that such a talented young man was murdered over a piece of candy (pictured below) and not even the kind that comes in a one single piece but the kind you can buy a bag of 200 pieces for atleast $2.00 in some places around the country. Damn Shame!
Slim Dunkin born Mario Hamilton who was apart of Rappers Waka Flaka & Gucci Manes Brick Squad crew, was fatally shot & murdered last month while in the recording studio by a rapper in Atlanta by the name of Young Vito born Vinson Hardimon. Up until last week Young Vito was still on the run, he just recently turned himself in & this week; Vinson & his lawyers sought out efforts to have him released on bond & it was denied. He is now currently awaiting trial in the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta,GA. Waka Flaka & Gucci paid for Slims funeral which included his body being presented in a carriage & pulled in by a white horse. Waka & Gucci Man have yet to comment publicly.
Vinson Hardimon, a/k/a Yung Vito was denied bond yesterday in the murder of fellow rapper Mario Denzel also known as rapper Slim Dunkin.
As previously reported, the tragic incident started over an argument over a piece of candy.
Hip-Hop Enquirer who was on the scene at the courtroom further detailed some of the testimony as Detective David Quinn spoke on the murder. The detective stated that he found a hard drive and a laptop belonging to Vito which indicated he was in the studio at some time. Vito's name was also on a dry-erase board being scheduled to rap next. Two witnesses also told Detective Quinn who the shooter was as one witness described the incident.
Slim Dunkin allegedly walked in the studio and picked up a piece of candy as Yung Vito said it belonged to him. Dunkin then allegedly responded with...Click to Read More

"I didn't know it was yours but you don't have to get gangsta about it," and then went in the booth and rapped, "Dreads ain't sh**t, I will put two to your head."
That's when Yung Vito was said to have run in the booth and began punching Slim Dunkin but Slim was defending himself and getting the best of Vito when someone passed him a gun. Eyewitnesses say Vito initially pointed the gun at Slim's head but ended up firing one fatal shot to his stomach.
At the end of yesterday's hearing, Yung Vito was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and criminal possession of a firearm.
The defense also requested that Hardimon be released on a $100-thousand bond which was declined as the judge felt he was a danger to the community based on a prior gun conviction from 2008 as well as a current indicted felony case for aggravated assault involving a firearm against a former girlfriend.
Young Vito also shaved his dreads since the murder.

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