@50Cent Gets Floyd M. Son Tatted

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                                                    50Cent & Floyd Mayweather

That is so not a real tatoo first off fresh tats are not that clean.  I mean you dont see a slight bit of redness on his arm it just looks like Henna Ink it will rub off after a few weeks if not days.  But supposedly this suppose to be real.. I dont know I doubt it! Not with the recent arrest of an Atlanta Mother (see pic of her below) who took her 10 year old son to get a tattoo of her/his deceased son/brother.


Now in Georgia there is a state law that says “It shall be unlawful for any person to tattoo the body of any person under the age of 18, except a physician or osteopath.” Now I can only guess that Floyds son was in LasVegas,Nevada because thats where he stays A) nevada doesnt tattoo anyone under 18 (at least not any reputable place) even WITH parental consent as far as i can find anywhere on the net. B) hands are not the best place for a tatt. your not done growing so what you get now may stretch in the next couple years. plus hands are exposed to everything, so whatever happens to your hands will happen to that tattoo. C) even if you do find a place with parental consent they may not do it anyway.
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